eSIM on Orange Flex,
i.e. a virtual SIM card

A traditional SIM card or a virtual, downloadable eSIM.
On Orange Flex you have the choice!

What is an eSIM?

There has been a real revolution in the world of SIM cards – from the big plastic one to the eSIM, or virtual SIM card. For your phone, for your tablet, for your smartwatch. You can’t lose it or break it. And you can download it in a few moments.

An eSIM card and an Orange Flex Plan: the perfect match

One Plan active on all devices at the same time

For example, let’s say you have an Orange Flex Plan, and you add UNLMTD, i.e. unlimited internet. Then what? You can use it on all devices with a Flex eSIM or SIM card.

By simply choosing any Plan, you can use it on all your devices at the same time. Looking for an eSIM with no contract? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

More reasons to use an eSIM:

Now your number is only yours forever

No one else will take over your number. The eSIM card doesn’t physically exist, so you just have to disable it in the Flex app. It can’t be removed, so it’s easier to locate a stolen device.

Rapid eSIM activation

Literally a few moments. And you do it via the app. So you can forget about removing, inserting and transferring SIM cards for new devices.

Easier on the environment

No plastic or metal, no need to deliver anything, no need to throw anything away. A smaller carbon footprint is better for the planet.

Which phones support eSIM?

Expand the list to check if eSIM will work on your phone or other device.

Other devices with eSIM

How do I activate the eSIM?

eSIM as the main SIM card

Download the Flex app and select eSIM during registration.

eSIM as an additional SIM card

Got an active Plan? Go to the SIM Cards tab in the app. Add an eSIM with a new number or an additional eSIM with the same number.

How many additional eSIM cards can you have?

Flex gives you extras

Got any questions?

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