SIM card

Because sometimes one SIM card or eSIM just isn't enough. Order an additional SIM card with the same number or add numbers for friends and family to your Flex.

Two SIM cards with the same number

For what? For a router, for a smartwatch, for another smartphone. You can order it or download it in minutes via the app. Just select whether you want a SIM card for internet only or for everything. And now the best bit: with Flex, you can have up to 3 additional SIM cards or eSIMs as part of your Plan.

One Flex Plan, and it works on up to 4 devices

You can set this up nicely with an extra eSIM card. Especially with UNLMTD activated, then the possibilities are just like the data – unlimited!

So how many SIM cards can you order?

1 SIM – 30 GB and 45 GB Plan,
2 SIMs – 80 GB Plan,
3 SIMs – 150 GB Plan

A simple game of cards

When someone calls you, you can answer the call from the device you have on hand. Just need internet on your router or iPad? You also have the option of an internet-only SIM card.

And what if it gets lost?

Or you get bored of it? No problem. In the Flex app you can block or delete the additional SIM or eSIM as easy as 1-2-3.

Additional SIM cards and eSIMs with a second number

Your other half, family, colleagues, whoever you want. You can add up to 5 numbers to your Flex account and easily pay for their Plans via the app. The Ask to Buy option keeps everything under control.

For yourself

Need a second number on Orange Flex for yourself? You have both in one app, which makes it easy to change Plans, add packages, and make monthly payments.

For friends and family

It's more convenient to have all the paid numbers on one Flex account. Keep it all in the family.

For employees and colleagues

When you have your own business, you optimise your expenses. On Flex, you can get additional numbers from just PLN 15/month. And the best part is that you can flexibly change the additional Plans.

For kids

No surprise extra charges on the bill at the end of the month. Tempting? And feasible, because the kids can't make purchases on the app themselves.

An additional number for just PLN 15 per month

And this Plan means unlimited calls and texts. Need internet? You can send some data or upgrade the Plan for this number.

Ask to Buy option

You have total control over payments for all Plans on your account. If someone wants an extra package, they can send you a request to buy. You decide!

Freedom under control

You can manage all the numbers easily from the app, and the user with your extra number can do everything. Except register a new number or make purchases through the Flex app.

Emergency data

Has someone run out of internet? Come to the rescue with a fast data transfer. It can also be a recurring data transfer if you prefer.

Orange Flex Plans

Choose the one you want and change it whenever you want.

Orange Flex Plans

Choose the one you want and change it whenever you want.