The Flex Shop means new devices

Available to Flex users only. Here you’ll find the hottest new devices and discounts on our favourite phones, tablets, smartwatches and other stuff.

It gets interesting at night

Flex Night means special discounts for night owls. Only on Tuesdays and only after dark. From 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. We cut prices by up to 55%.

In instalments or in full?

It’s up to you. Pay in instalments (30 instalments, 0%) or in one go, in full.

It’s raining discounts

Night-time discounts, seasonal discounts, monthly discounts. With super fast delivery in 24 hours for free. There’s no doubt about it – it's on.

Delivery in 24 hours for free

To an InPost Parcel Locker for free or by courier. As quickly as possible.

Refurbished phones

Totally. They’re almost like new – the biggest difference is in the price.

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